Card Management Systems (CMS)

Card Management Systems (CMS)

A credential or card management system also referred to as CMS enables organizations and businesses to issue and manage smart cards and tokens for authentication that extends beyond physical access control. 

A smart card or token can be used for remote log in at workstations or networks as well as securing VPN and other remote access. These smart cards or tokens can be used to encrypt data, hard drives, emails and documents and can also be used for digital signatures. 

A CMS can consist of software for user certificates, a validation authority to validate the certificates, an OCSP responder which receives the pre-signed proofs of authentication from the VA and an HSM or hardware security module for key management and to secure that the keys are encrypted.  This system is used in conjunction with PIV and PIV-I cards for the enrollment of users and to provision secure PKI certificates.

Absolute Access ID can help you design and implement a complete card management system for your business or organization.  Contact us today!

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