SafeNet Data Protection on Demand

Data Protection on Demand

SafeNet Data Protection on Demand is a cloud based platform that provides a vast range of on demand key management and data encryption through an easy to manage cloud system.  

The SafeNet Data Protection on Demand is both cost effective and easy to manage as there is no hardware or software to buy, support or maintain.  Pay as you go pricing allows your business to purchase services as needed to meet your evolving business requirements. You will have access to a wide array of security services by clicking and deploying exactly what you need to protect dozens of applications or uses.  

With SafeNet Data Protection on Demand, you can secure your sensitive data in any environment such as cloud, virtual or on premises.  This service further provides centralized control of your encryption keys for, Amazon, Web Services, Google, IBM or Microsoft Azure.  

Please contact us for additional information on how we can help you protect your data on demand! 

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Data Protection on Demand
  Absolute Access ID together with SafeNet provides Data Protection on Demand.    ..