SafeNet Ethernet Encryptors

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SafeNet Ethernet Encryptors


Absolute Access ID together with SafeNet offer a complete portfolio of ethernet encryption solutions.  Our high speed network encryption appliances can be used for enterprise, telecommunications and government organizations and provide assurance of FIPS, Common Criteria and CAPs certified security.

Our ethernet encryptors lower the cost of network security and compliance by securing the most sensitive data more efficiently than higher layer protocols.  

SafeNet ethernet encryption products provide Layer 2 encryption and are a secure solution to protecting data in motion over the WAN, with low latency and no additional increase in bandwidth. 

SafeNet ethernet encryptors offer central management and ease of administration and audit reporting across multiple circuits and network protocols.  

We offer a range of ethernet encryptors up to 10Gbps. 

Feature CN4010 CN4020
Network Protocols Supported



Physical Encryption Channels


Maximum Speed

 1 Gbps

1 Gbps
Link/Rate Limiting


Support for Jumbo Frames Yes Yes
Protocol and application transparent Yes Yes
Encrypts Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast Traffic Yes Yes
Automatic network discovery and connection establishment Yes Yes
Network interfaces (optional SFP to RJ45 adapter available) RJ45 SFP, SFP+
Tamper resistant and evident enclosure, anti probing barriers Yes Yes
Flexible encryption policy engine  Yes Yes
Per packet confidentiality and integrity with AES-GSM encryption  Yes Yes
Automatic Key Management Yes Yes
Traffic flow analysis protection Yes Yes







Highlights of the SafeNet Ethernet Encryptors:

Certified FIPS, Common Criteria and CAPs

Government and defense grade certified

Certified performance provides exceptional assurance, network performance and peace of mind with near zero latency; maximum bandwidth; minimum overhead; scalable and flexible all while being simple to manage

Offers secure transmission of data through Layer 2 networks

Ultra reliable 99.999% up time data security

FPGA flexibility

Our high speed encryptor technology is used by governments, defense forces and commercial organizations in more than 25 countries

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