SafeNet Tokenization

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SafeNet Tokenization


Absolute Access ID and SafeNet Tokenization solutions protect your sensitive data through a surrogate value that preserves and the length and format of your data.

The SafeNet Tokenization secures primary account numbers to achieve PCI DSS compliance while protecting personal identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data.

The Tokenization solution is ideal for scenarios that require static data masking or exposure of production databases to non production environments.  This solution can be deployed across on premises, virtual, public cloud and hybrid environments. 

Format Preserving Tokenization
  • Complies with PCI Tokenization Guidelines for token identification via token masking and Luhn algorithm pass/fail checks
  • Supports multiple token vaults
  • Highly scalable and can generate and retrieve millions of tokens/per day for best performance 

Supported Token Vault Databases

  • Microsoft SQL Server 
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • All tokenization forms are supported on all databases as long as the vault itself is on Microsoft SQL server, MySQL or Oracle
Supported APIs
  • Web Services, SOAP, REST/JSON
  • Java
  • .NET
Enchanced Event Logging and Monitoring
  • Complies with PCI tokenization manager event specifications
  • Supports SNMP for online monitoring and alerting
Tokens Formats
  • Random or Sequential token generation
  • Masked: Last Four, First Six, First Two, etc
  • Fixed Length and Width Masking
  • Customer Defined Custom Formats
  • Cryptographic hash functions, including SHA2-256, SHA2-284, SHA2-512 and Base 16/Base 64
  • Regular expressions (Java style) 







Highlights of the SafeNet Tokenization:

Apply transparent and secure application level tokenization to sensitive data across on premises, virtual, public cloud and hybrid cloud environments

Provide centralized administration of all keys and polices through SafeNet KeySecure

Ensures only authorized users or applications can view the protected data and tokens through granular access controls

Tokenization of primary account numbers (PAN) as well as other data types (PCI, PII, PHI, etc) in any environment including big data and payment systems

Format Support through broad token including regular expressions and customized formats

With Format Preserving Tokenization (FPT), no changes are required to applications, databases or legacy systems

Easy and fast deployment with web services (SOAP and REST/JSON) as well as ability to leverage bulk tokenziation and batch APIs 

Automated key rotation and data re-keying is built in

Comprehensive logging and auditing capabilities to track user access to tokens and protected data

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