IoT Security

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IoT Security


You can't protect what you can't see.  Visibility is the foundation of trust.  It is predicted that IoT attacks will increase significantly this year.  

Today's businesses and organizations have hundreds of connected devices which are easily assessable to vulnerabilities for breaches and security attacks.  Most administrators do not have visibility to all of their IoT devices to know what is on their network, who is accessing their network and whether there is any suspicious or intrusive activity to these devices.  

Our IoT security services provide visibility of your devices as well as monitor behaviors of each.  Additionally, we provide manageability for monitoring all connected devices across facilities in a centralized way.  

Our solution can help discern each connected device, what is normal behavior for that device and detect any unusual activity.  Out IoT solution provides a thorough evaluation and activity logs to defend against both cyber and insider threats.  

Our solution does not replace any existing security solutions your business may have in place but rather seamlessly integrates with your existing security and network infrastructure to provide benefits to both the clinical engineering team and IT security team.  

Contact us for a free no obligation demo on how our IoT solution works and can help protect your business and IoT devices from a security breach. 


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