Jolly School Track Complete Edition Card Printer Software

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Jolly School Track Complete Edition Card Printer Software


Track student attendance, issue late slips, manage detention, manage and screen visitors against an online criminal database, issue student ID cards, much more.  Parents can receive e-mail notification of any infraction occurred

Jolly Student Track Version 6 Complete Edition ID Card Software is geared toward organizations that have multiple users or sites, need a centralized data management package, and have strict security requirements. Jolly Student Track Version 6 CompleteEdition Software offers powerful database tools, batch updating and printing, and the flexibility to customize the way your data is presented. Jolly Student Track Version 6 Complete Software allows you to use nearly any card printer to design and issue ID badges.

Track Student Attendance
Manage student records and track student attendance. Take class attendance by scanning ID cards with portable scanners. Scan student in the hallways with portable scanners and issue a hall pass. Automatically send e-mail notifications to parents when a violation occurs.

Issue Student ID Cards
Design secure student ID cards using an integrated badge designer. Add 1D and 2D barcodes to the cards or encode smart cards. Link smart cards with library, cafeteria and other key transactional systems on the campus. Link student ID cards with physical access control system.

Manage Campus Visits
Lookup visitors on third party screening systems. Scan visitor information from a driver’s license, passport or business card. Print secure visitor badges automatically after registration. Maintained a detailed log of visits.

Card Templates
School Track includes a library of hundreds of standard sized plastic and paper card templates. You can also create custom cards of any size and shape.

  • CR50 CR90 TWIC
  • CR60 CR100 Avery Badges
  • CR70 CAC Card Paper Badges
  • CR79 FIPS 201 Expiring Badges
  • CR80 HSPD-12 and more

Database and 3rd Party System Integration
School Track can integrate with any open database or system including school systems and 3rd party databases in real-time.

  • Microsoft SQL Server  MySQL
  • Microsoft Access  Sybase
  • Microsoft Excel  dBase
  • Oracle 9i / 10g / 11g Text/CSV

Barcode and Prox Card Scanners
School Track works with all Windows compatible barcode and proximity card scanners including keyboard wedge, USB, serial port scanners and RFIDeas Prox card readers.

Printer and Magnetic Stripe Support
School Track works with any Windows compatible printer including PVC card, paper and label printers. Magnetic stripe encoding is supported on all popular card printers.

  • UltraMagicard, Zebra, Eltron
  • DNP, Matica, Chica,  Datacard
  • EDIsecure, XID-DIS, Fargo
  • Dot Matrix Label Printers  Laser
  • Ink-jet Thermal and more


Camera and Scanner Support
Capture photos using any TWAIN / WIA compliant webcam, digital camera or scanner and insert them directly to your card, save them to your database or export them as graphic files. Built-in support for Canon cameras.

Signature Pad Support
Integrated support for Topaz and IntegriSign / Interlink signature pads allows the easy acquisition of digital signatures. Acquire and print the signature immediately, or store it in the database along with other user information.

Chip Encoding / UV Layer Support
School Track offers advanced functionality on certain printers such as smart card, proximity card and contact or contact-less card encoding and UV layer printing support.

MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire, Proximity, UHF RFID, iClass Corporate 1000 2k/2k and others

Watch List Integration Support
School Track Complete can automatically compare your visitor's information against local or online watch lists. The current online watch list providers are supported:

  • First Advantage 
  • MK Data 
  • Amber Road


Image Files: School Track allows you to import images of all popular image file formats.

  • BMP Photoshop
  • (PSD), TIFF
  • JPEG, WMF and more


Recommended System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Server 2003 / Server 2008 / Server 2012
  • NET Framework 4 or greater
  • 1 GHz or faster x86 32-bit or 64-bit processor
  • 2 GB RAM recommended
  • 512 MB of available disk space


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