HID 1336 DuoProx II-Programmed

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HID 1336 DuoProx II-Programmed

The HID 1336 DuoProx II card offers proximity with magnetic stripe technology. The HID 1336 DuoProx II is a printable proximity card and features a graphics quality surface for use with your ID card printer for optimal printing results.

These proximity cards are the same size and thickness as a standard credit card and can be easily carried in a wallet or can be displayed in a badge holder. 

The HID 1336 DuoProx II is available in the following formats;

  1. 26 Bit H10301 Card Format:  These cards require a facility code and starting card number when ordered by the customer.

  2. 37 Bit H10302 Card Format:  These cards do not require a facility code or starting card number when ordered by the customer.  HID keeps track of card numbers ordered on this format ensuring that card numbers are never duplicated.

  3. 40 Bit C10106 Card Format:  These cards are sequential in number when placing a single order however, you will not be able to have sequential card numbers throughout your system.  HID assigns the card numbers to this format therefore preventing duplicate card numbers. This 40 Bit card format is compatible with Casi Rusco systems. 

Other ordering options are available for this proximity card and can be specified during checkout.  The description of your current format and specifications can be found on your previous box.

Please specify your required card format at checkout.

Pricing on the HID 1336 cards includes customized programming to your specifications.

Lead time is approximately 5-7 days with custom programming. 

Free Ground Shipping on standard orders. If expedited shipping is needed, please contact our office and we will gladly provide you with a cost estimate for expedited shipping through UPS or FedEx. 

HID 1336 DuoProx II Features:

  • Minimum Order Requirement of 100 cards
  • Card can be displayed vertically or horizontally
  • Graphics quality printable surface for optimal printing
  • Standard credit card size and thickness
  • Lifetime Warranty

Most common ordered configurations:


Additional configurations are available.  Please refer to the HID How to Order Guide or call our office for assistance.  

Pricing on the HID 1336 includes customized programming to your specifications

Additional order requirements can be specified at checkout. 

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