Gemalto IDPrime MD 3840 with OTP

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Gemalto IDPrime MD 3840 with OTP

The IDPrime MD 3840 with OTP smart cards offer the most advanced security for protection of all sensitive data and in card functions.  These IDPrime MD smart cards include multiple hardware and software countermeasures against various attacks, including side channel attacks, invasive attacks, advanced fault and numerous other attacks.  These cards are multi application smart cards that offer optional onboard applets for various functions.  An MPCOS applet can be added to provide e-purse and data management services


•NFC compliant, contact and contactless interface
•Compatible with SafeNet Authentication Client and IDGo 800 mobile for both Android and iOs
•Compatible with Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS
•Storage of up to 15 RSA or Elliptic curve key containers
•The IDPrime MD 3840 smartcards have CC EAL5+ certification


IDPrime MD Minidriver-Enabled PKI Smart Cards

IDPrime MD are Minidriver-enabled PKI certificate-based smart cards that provide a high level of assurance of the identity of the user attempting to gain logical access to the network. Built with proven smart card technology, the IDPrime MD cards are strong, yet simple to use, never burdening users with long, complicated passwords or cumbersome hardware devices. 

Whatever the security need, whatever the job function, IDPrime MD is a perfect solution to meet your needs. The IDPrime product portfolio
is made up of a variety of cards with varying feature choices, including contactless technologies, certification type, and secure storage.

These smart card-based products can be combined with proximity technology to also provide for physical access, and with security printing processes, can serve as visual identity as well.  IDPrime MD smart cards leverage the built-in card management capabilities in Microsoft Server and Windows OS. This deployment requires no additional middleware for card management. Fully contained within Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) or Microsoft Identit y Manager, the IDPrime MD certificate-based authentication solution is virtually plug and play.

IDPrime MD cards are also fully integrated in IDGo 800 middleware and are progressively being integrated in the SafeNet Authentication Client middleware, rendering them compatible with any environment including MAC OS and Linux.

Features and Benefits

Perfect integration in Windows environments.
Compatible with the IDGo 800 middleware suite, available on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS and the SafeNet Authentication Client middleware.
The dual interface of IDPrime MD 3810 and MD 3840 offers a compatibility to both ISO standard and NFC standard already widely deployed with smartphones and tablets.
Support for Certificate Based Strong authentication
As reflected by the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification and the CCEAL5+ / PPSSCD certification, the IDPrime MD smart cards implement the most advanced security countermeasures for enforcing protection of all sensitive data and functions in the card. Enhanced cryptographic suppor t, with PKI services available with both RSA and Elliptic curves. MPCOS applet option for e-purse and data management services.

IDPrime MD smart cards can also be combined with the SafeNet Reader CT1100 and K1100 and the IDGo 800 middleware and SDK for Mobile (Android, iOS), to allow compatibility with any PC and mobile devices.

Some IDPrime MD smart cards are certified according to US regulations (FIPS 140-2 Level 3) or European regulations (CC E AL5+ / PP SSCD). IDPrime MD smart cards can also be manufactured as dual interface and are compatible with the NFC interface present on many smartphones and tablets. The IDPrime MD family offers a wide selection of cards with various feature sets.

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