Rigid Holders

Rigid Holders

Our rigid ID badge holders offer outstanding protection for your ID photo badges & smart cards. 

Choose your display whether vertical or horizontal and then choose your preferred style. 

Samples are available upon request at no obligation.

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Horizontal Rigid Plastic, Frosted Card Dispenser w/Thumb Notch (50 Qty)
  1840-6000 THUMB NOTCH CARD HOLDER/DISPENSER Horizontal Rigid Plastic Card Dispense..
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Horizontal Smart Card "Single" Holder with Slide Ejectors (50 Qty)
  736-T1 Smart Card Holder  Single Card Side Load with Slide Ejectors, Horizontal. ..

Vertical Smart Card "Single" Holder with Slide Ejectors (50 Qty)
  1840-6566 BADGE HOLDER Smart Card Holder - Single Top Load with Slide Ejectors, Vertica..
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Frosted, Badge Holder with Access Card Dispensers (50 Qty)
Frosted Vertical 2-Card Access Card Dispenser. Top Load With Slot. Holds Two 30 mil (750 Mic) Cards...

Vertical Economy Frosted "Single" Card Dispenser (50 Qty)
  1840-6500 BADGE HOLDER Frosted Vertical Rigid Plastic Card Dispenser with Thumb Notch A..
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Badge Holder, Transparent Card Dispensers w/Red Extractor Slide (50 Qty)
  1840-6400 Premium 2 Card Dispenser with Top Load Horizontal Rigid Holder With Slide Eje..