AWID is a world wide provider of proximity ID Cards for the security industry.  AWID's proximity ID Cards, fobs and tags provide top level security and consist of low frequency, high frequency and ultra high frequency. 

We will gladly provide any test cards or samples free of charge to test with your existing access control system prior to purchase. 

If you need assistance in determining your format, facility code or card number, our sales team will be happy to assist you.

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AWID Proximity Clamshell Card CS-AWID-0-0 Programmed
The CS-AWID-0-0 is a standard NON printable clamshell proximity card which works great with sel..

AWID Proximity Card w/Mag Stripe GRMAG-AWID-0-0 Programmed
The AWID Proximity Card GRMAG-AWID-0-0 is a graphics printable proximity card with an added magnetic..

AWID Proximity Card GR-AWID-0-0 Programmed
The GR-AWID-0-0 card is a graphics quality printable proximity card.The GR-AWID-0-0 is the ..
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AWID Proximity Key Fob KT-AWID-G-0-Programmed
The KT-AWID-G-0 Key Tag (Key Fob) is a modern guitar pick style.The KT-AWID-G-0 is made with ABS..
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AWID-Wafer-PW-AWID-0-0 Programmed
The PW-AWID-0-0 is a small, proximity disc in 1" diameter and is AWID's most universal tag...