Fargo Ultracard 82266 Adhesive Paper CR80 500 per pack

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Fargo Ultracard 82266 Adhesive Paper CR80 500 per pack


The Fargo Ultracard 82266 is a 10 mil, paper-backed adhesive CR80. These adhesive back cards are ideal for use with HID proximity cards that are too thick for some ID card printers. To use these cards customers usually print card information on the thin card, and then affix this card to the HID proximity card.

The Fargo UltraCard cards provide glossy, scratch and debris reduced, high-quality laminated surfaces, and are recommended for use with Fargo Electronics direct-to-card printer/encoders.

  • Fargo Ultracard 82266 10 Mil Cards CR-80 with Paper Adhesive Back
  • Size: CR-80 3.38" x 2.12" (CR8030)
  • Card Thickness: 10 mil.
  • Fargo 82266 cards have paper backed adhesive side
  • Box contains 5 plastic wrapped packages of 100 cards (500 cards total).

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