Fargo Ultracard 82136 500 per pack

Brand: Fargo
Product Code: 82136
Availability: In Stock
Price: $99.00

Fargo Ultracard 82136 500 per pack


The Fargo Ultracard 82136 is a premium 30 mil CR 80 card.

The Fargo UltraCard cards provide glossy, scratch and debris reduced, high-quality laminated surfaces, and are recommended for use with Fargo Electronics direct-to-card printer/encoders.

  • Size: CR-80 3.38" x 2.12" (CR8030)
  • Card Thickness: 30 mil
  • Box contains 5 plastic wrapped packages of 100 cards (500 cards total).
  • Fargo 82136 60/40 Ultracard card is the replacement for Fargo Ultracard 81763.

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