Crescendo C1150 4011500

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Product Code: HID 4011500
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Crescendo C1150 4011500

The Crescendo C1150 by HID offers an "out of the box" complaint smart card for use with network and computer login and physical access control.  This card delivers password protection, digital identity credentials for signature and encryption, cryptographic functions and personal information for network access. 

This is a contact only card and offers 125KHZ proximity.  This card is available with combinations that include HID iClass, Proximity (HID and Indala), MIFARE Classic and MIFARE Desfire EV1. 

The Crescendo C1150 offers a large memory capacity for use with PKI, Single Sign On (SSO) and passwords. 

This smart card can also be ordered with magnetic stripe, custom artwork or counterfeiting features.

This C1150 card offers iClass technology with 32K of memory.  

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