HID 510 - iCLASS Seos + Prox

HID 510 - iCLASS Seos + Prox
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HID 510 - iCLASS Seos + Prox

HID SEOS is extremely versatile with dual frequency iClass Seos and Prox smart card technologies. This technology allows customers to utilize existing low frequency reader technology in conjunction with the heightened security of Seos.

The iClass Seos smart card allows customers to truly have a converged credential for both physical access control and logical access control. This includes authentication for network login and (OTP) one time password. This technology connected to our HID CMS Active Identity makes a single card for all needs of the organization. 

Features Include:

  • Easy migration from 125 kHz proximity technology to the future, high frequency Seos solution
  • Users can carry dual identities in a single credential, with "one" card for physical and logical access
  • Offers very strong authentication for state of the art access control and multi application smart cards
  • Provides protection against attacks and timely remediation
  • Can store data for multiple applications
  • Communicates with no traceable identifiers to prevent card data from being cloned
  • Lifetime warranty

Our Pricing on the HID iClass Seos + Prox includes customized programming to your specifications.

Lead time is approximately 7-10 days with custom programming. 

Free Ground Shipping on standard orders. If expedited shipping is needed, please contact our office and we will gladly provide you with a cost estimate for expedited shipping through UPS or FedEx. 

If you have any questions on your configuration, please call us at 865-771-9697.

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