SafeNet Tokens

SafeNet Authentication Tokens

SafeNet tokens offer the broadest range of authentication methods in various form factors for secure access. Tokens protect against unathorized logins which could result from compromised passwords within your organization.  SafeNet tokens provide secure authentication for cloud based environments as well.  

In addition to tokens, additional authentication methods are available which include smart cards, software and mobile apps. 

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Absolute Access ID is an authorized reseller of Gemalto SafeNet products

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SafeNet IDProve 100 OTP Tokens
  SafeNet IDProve 100 OTP Tokens generate a one time passcode for secure access with strong ..

SafeNet 5110 eToken Java 80K
  Portable two factor USB authenticator with advanced smartcard technology.  Certificat..

SafeNet eToken PASS
  SafeNet eToken PASS allows for one time password (OTP) strong authentication and secure ac..

SafeNet eToken Gold
  SafeNet eToken Gold is a highly effective authentication device that allows for a two fact..

SafeNet OTP 110 Token
  The SafeNet OTP 110 authentication token is an OATH certified hardware token for multi-fac..