HID offers secure proximity ID Card solutions for millions across the world. HID is the industry's leader in providing proximity cards for physical access control, logical access, highly secure government identification and ID Card printing. We offer an extensive selection of HID proximity cards and key fobs including, iClass, Indala, Corporate 1000, Crescendo and MIFARE.

We will gladly provide free test cards or samples with no obligation prior to purchase. 

If you need assistance in determining your format, facility code or card number, our sales team will be happy to assist you.

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HID 1326 ProxCard II Proximity Card-Programmed
The HID 1326 ProxCard II is a 125 kHz durable clamshell style proximity card for use with your ..
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HID 1336 DuoProx II-Programmed
The HID 1336 DuoProx II card offers proximity with magnetic stripe technology. The HID 1336 Duo..
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HID 1346 ProxKey III Key Fob-Programmed
The HID 1346 ProxKey III is a proximity keyfob offering access control in a small and..
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HID 1386 ISOProx II
The HID 1386 ISOProx II is a 125kHz proximity card offering access control technology with phot..
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HID Indala FlexISO® Card
The HID Indala FlexISO® Imageable Card is a graphics quality card ideal for printing. ..

HID Indala FlexKey® Keytag
The HID Indala Flexke has a contemporary design enables it to be easily attached to a key, badge cli..

HID Indala FlexCard Clamshell Card FPCRD-SSSMW-0000
The HID Indala clamshell proximity card offers Indala technology in a durable 125 kHz ..
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HID 1391 MicroProx Tag
The HID 1391 MicroProx Tag provides convenience for easy access into your office or building.  ..