The Fargo 82279 is a CR79,10 Mil thick card with a mylar backed adhesive. 

These white 100% PVC cards are a graphic quality card for producing the highest print resolution.  These cards measure 3.303” x 2.051”  and are a 24 Mil thickness before the mylar backing is removed. 

These cards are slightly smaller than a standard CR80 card and are designed to be attached to proximity cards. This card is compatible with most, but not all, Direct-to-Card ID printers, we recommend that you check your printer for compatibility before use. 

Please note:  The cards are not compatible with Magicard printers.  Magicard printers will require their adhesive cards such as the M3610-054B.

If you are placing these cards on pre punched clamshell cards, you will need an additional slot punch to punch the hole through the adhesive so that it will line up with the hole on your clamshell cards.  

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Fargo Ultracard 82279 Adhesive Paper CR79 500 per pack

  • Brand: Fargo
  • Product Code: 82279
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $252.00

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