All print over-laminated for maximum durability

1 Color Front

1 Color Front and Back

4 Color Front / 1 Color Back

4 Color Front /4 Color Back

Take your custom printed card or badge to the next level in counterfeit protection with Absolute Access’s full range of security features

  • UVIGUARD™ : Colorless inks are printed on the protective laminate or card material core. These inks fluoresce to reveal a pattern or logo when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light sources.
  • ColorGUARD™ : Visible fluorescent inks are printed on the protective laminate or the card material core. The color of these inks shifts from full strength to neutral as the viewing angle of the card changes. These inks are more vibrant under ultraviolet (UV) light sources. The color-shifting effect is lost in photocopied or scanned duplicates of the original pass or badge.
  • BarGUARD™ : For bar coded cards, a black mask is added over the encoded information to prevent photocopying or scanning. Infrared bar code readers are able to penetrate the mask, and are still able to read the bar code with the user wishes to scan their number. Text or logos may be added to the mask for added security. Laminex provides BarGUARD adhesive labels for customers wishing to apply this secure mask to existing cards.
  • HoloGUARD™ : Stock holographic patterns or custom cut holograms are applied to the card material core or to the protective laminate of a badge. This visible holographic effect is lost in photocopied or scanned duplicates of the card, thus indicating a counterfeit may be present. HoloGUARD is also available in tamperproof adhesive label form for application to any existing card or badge
  • MicroGUARD™ : Micro text, characters or symbols which are too small to read without magnification, are applied to the core material of the card. Micro text is too small to be duplicated accurately by photocopying or scanning for reproduction.
  • CopyGUARD™ : Advanced printing techniques are used to insert hidden background or artwork designs that distort or reveal when digitally scaned or photocopied. These subtle images only appear visible in counterfeits.

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Special Event Card - Jumbo Size - 3-1/2" X 5-1/2" - 30 Mil PermaBadge

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